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True North Grappling Tournament

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EVENT INFORMATION: Early bird Online registration is $79. Weigh ins will take place at the ‘bull pen’ 30 minutes prior to the start of your division. Not making weight or failing to show up for scheduled weigh-in time will result in a disqualification with no refund. Please be assured that we make every effort to match competitors fairly, according to age, weight and rank. Should the event reach capacity, we reserve the right to close online registration early.

NOGI ABSOLUTE CLASS: All belt levels welcome to compete Ages 16+

Rule set is Brown/Black IBJJF Rules

Single Elimination No Advantages 5 minute rounds

IBJJF uniform required

No cup (groin protection), no knee pads

DIVISION Male Under 170 lbs Male 170lbs & Over Female Open weight


Age 5-6 (2 minutes)

Age 7-15 (3 minutes)

Age 16+ (5 minutes)

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